We help build a highly competitive technology solution that bring down the cost, make your resources efficient and bring in more customers. We help the organisation in getting a proper technology solution. Whether it is with respect to choosing the right platform like unix/linux, hardware, Remote access maagement, cross platform migration like unix to linux migration, software change management with tools like git, subversion, bugzilla/jira with integrating hooks, custom VPN, cloud/hydbrid infrastructure, software firewalls and load balancers, Monitoring network and systems with sms alerting systems etc. We can even manage the infrastructure completely and let you do what you do best.

Following can help you decide quickly.

Open source Migration

We believe that there are many benefits to be gained from increasing the use of OSS(Open source Software) within the typical organisation's IT portfolio, including reduced total cost of ownership, higher stability, increased security and greater overall control.

Stuck with old proprietary hardware
Servers crash resulting in severe outages. The OEM may or may not exist. Even if it does exist then the hardware is too old for support for lack of spares.

Propreitary software
It still runs with old OS again for which there is no support available. Cannot scale any longer and no changes permitted to meet SLAs or prevent downtimes. In short modernization is the keyword so as to keep up with current technology trends SLAs.
The cost of these resulting outages and a bigger scare of complete shutdown is just too unaffordable for any company as compared to make a decision and go for newer technology.
Linux platform apart from being open source can run on any hardware including commodity ones. They are not tied to any specific hardware. With tons of flavours available coupled with millions of enterprise grade software applications, no other platform can match it versatility.

Linux is definitely an enterprise solution option for all types of server consolidation and migration projects.

Efficient SCM process

Software change management process by integrating ticketing systems (bugzilla, jira etc) with version control softwares(subversion, git etc) and customised hooks to bring down overall development cost and time. Our solution is designed to help you manage, secure, and audit your software changes. You can centralize change control and manage. With it, you can securely manage your code changes and automatically audit changes.

Deploy and manage infrastructure

We enable system automation which will cover the Installation, Deployment, Configuration and upgrades of your Servers, Work Stations, critical applications and services so that you can facilitate, scale and expedite the implementation of your critical projects across the platforms based on custom conditions.

Network gateway defense solution

Gateway level protection including IDS/IPS, antivirus, VPN, DLP etc We deliver the highest levels of application intelligence, unified network services, integrated security, non-stop communications, operational manageability and virtualization for enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and service providers. Driving next-generation network service integration with unprecedented investment protection.

Infrastructure monitoring

We monitor your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. Any outage is caught before hand thus minimising the impact on business continuity. Alerts are triggered via sms and email with pre-defined remediations.

Cloud, Cloud & Cloud

Setting up and management of infrastructure in cloud using public or private cloud. We deliver both a full-service professional solution Cloud Workload Migration Services as well as independent cloud migration solutions. Cloud Workload Migration Services help users assess, plan, and migrate existing production workloads to public/private/hybrid cloud. This service lets you migrate applications with no code modifications so you can quickly and seamlessly take advantage of the scalability, cost savings and flexibility of cloud computing.

IT outsourcing

We can let you do what you do best by managing the complete IT infrastructure on your behalf at the same time improving efficiency and cost reduction.