Security is everyon's responsibility

Architecting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is a shared responsibility. AWS provides a secured infrastructure with necessary checks and compliances in place. And when we host our environment on it then it is on us to secure it. To ensure a secure global infrastructure, AWS configures infrastructure components and provides services and features we can use to enhance security.

TECHPARTNER helps customer in securing the IT infrastructure which covers various aspects like a network and its components, databases and cloud servers to applications and the users remotely accessing the network.


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TECHPARTNER offers expertise in implementing various security compliances like PCI-DSS, ISO:27001 etc and enforce those standards by defining standard operating procedures and processes.With proven expertise we have become the first choice for fintechs.

TECHPARTNER ensures to have 3-Tier architecture (WEB, APP & DB) during provisioning to maintain the security across all levels

CIS Standards

TECHPARTNER follows the CIS guidelines during the povisioning of Infrastructure. All application and Instance provisioning are done as per the benchmark setup by the CIS. This helps the clients in securing their infrasructure against various cyber attacks.

VPN/Direct connect

This secures and protects your environment from direct access. We offer great expertise in establishing secure connectivity with technologies adopted like VPN, MPLS, WAN etc. Our client use VPN/Direct Connect for remote connectivity and web access with role based access control rules etc.

Infrastructure as a code

AWS CloudFormation provisions your resources in a safe, repeatable manner, allowing you to build and rebuild your infrastructure and applications, without having to perform manual actions or write custom scripts. CloudFormation takes care of determining the right operations to perform when managing your stack, and rolls back changes automatically if errors are detected with proper audit trails.

SCM Practice and CI/CD automation

We help design proper Software change management process by integrating ticketing systems with version control softwares(git, codecommit etc) and customised hooks to bring down overall development cost and time. Our solution is designed to help you manage, secure, and audit your software changes with whole lot of automated integration and deployment skills on offer.