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Chemical Giant – Unix to Linux

A flagship company was in dire need of modernizing their IT infrastructure. Their entire software solution was being served from a single server and many dumb terminals across departments connected to this server. These dumb terminals are the same we see nowadays in railway reservation centers.

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Fintech – Infra Bottlenecks

A premier fintech company was facing a crisis wherein the transactions were getting slower by the day.

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Auto Portal – Opensource Migration

Top online auto media portal. It provides an online platform for automobile owners and buyers to research, sell, buy or just discuss about their vehicles.

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Enterprise Messaging – Robust Infra Solution

The Leading enterprise messaging company is India’s largest enterprise messaging platform provider catering to top corporates in India and abroad. The client was looking for an IT infrastructure, which could scale from few users to millions of users with 99.99% uptime.

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Smart Messaging – IDE

A Hi-Tech messaging company wanted to setup IDE for users to write their own bots and test them online which they can integrate with Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.

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Founded in 2015, TREEBO Hotels is India's third largest hotel chain and operates in the budget segment of the hospitality industry, which is estimated to be around $20B in size. TREEBO operates on a franchise model and emphasizes tight quality control.

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