Case Study

Know how we are thinking and executing

Chemical Giant – Unix to Linux

Executive Summary

A flagship company was in dire need of modernizing their IT infrastructure. Their entire software solution was being served from a single server and many dumb terminals across departments connected to this server. These dumb terminals are the same we see nowadays in railway reservation centers.

Tape backup devices were used for the backup process. They wanted this entire platform to be moved to present day systems

The Client’s Challenge

The client setup was based on systems of late eighties era with no networking option or any external connectivity. The server was old, dying and with no spare parts no vendor was ready to support it. The applications were based on COBOL language again for which vendors were hard to find. Thus they were in catch-22 situation.

Insight to Action

TechPartner(TP) spent time and understood the whole setup. After a complete study TP proposed the use open source software on modern systems.

To convince them TP took a server with all necessary components installed and migrated their payroll module on it. Ran a dummy payroll and the client was dumbfounded with the speed and accuracy.

With no connectivity options, it was a real challenge to migrate the data along with programs. TP made use of the customized serial cable and then hooked up with servers serial port to migrate all the data.

The whole data migration and customizing the programs was done in a months time. The new setup was then parallel run for a month and once the accuracy was established the client moved over happily to the new setup.


With none of the vendor unable to think out of the box and offer any solution the client felt helpless. With our innovative solution backed by excellent technical knowledge not only made them migrate to newer platform but also at a reduced cost from their estimated budget.